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Game On! Board Gaming, Libraries, and Literacy - Minnesota Library Association Conference 2012: Gamer Resources

Resources for Gamers

Gaming Groups

  • Locate board gaming groups in your area.

Places to Game (Minneapolis-Saint Paul)

  • Minneapolis Board Game Marathon and Mania. "A[n]... open table board game event held in Minneapolis for dedicated and focused board game players. Minneapolis Board Game Marathon is scheduled 3 times per year... The Minneapolis Board Game Mania events... are typically scheduled for the second weekend of almost every month."
  • Fantasy Flight Games Event Center. A gaming center for those living in the Twin Cities metro area. Check out their calendar for open gaming times and scheduled events. 

Where to Buy Games (Minneapolis-Saint Paul)

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Game Stores. This thread at BoardGameGeek provides a list of major game shops in the Twin Cities metro area and suggests places to find used games.

Learning More About Board Games

  • BoardGameGeek. The Web's premier site for board games. Read member reviews, ask questions about strategy or rules, and share your enthusiasm by curating your own collection and posting geeklists. One of your presenters particularly likes their annual holiday gift guide.

Other Local Resources (Minneapolis-Saint Paul

  • Minneapolis/Saint Paul Gamers. A continuous thread at BoardGameGeek with current news, information, and informal discussion about board gaming in the Twin Cities metro area.