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Psychology: Research help and tips

Psychology resources introduction and how-to screencast

Sections of the 52 minute screencast:

  • 0:55 Getting to library website and connecting with help
  • 2:55 Overview of information and links on library website
  • 3:45 Introduction to Research Guides
  • 5:00 Description of Psychology Research Guide and databases, and peer review
  • 6:30 Detailed description of the PsycInfo database
  • 9:45 Description of other databases with psychology content
  • 11:30 Description of non-psychology databases of use to psychology students
  • 12:10 Description of non-article databases
  • 13:45 Other tabs on the guide: Books and Films
  • 16:30 Encyclopedias
  • 17:30 Statistics and Data resources and other websites
  • 20:30 Database searching and strategies, starting with PsycInfo
  • 23:45 PsycInfo Advanced Search features (Here's a lot of the how-to!)
  • 35:00 Getting citation information from PsycInfo
  • 36:00 Getting information on tests/instruments
  • 39:00 Sage Database searching strategies
  • 43:45 APA citation helps on the Research Guide
  • 45:30 Using OneSearch
  • 47:45 Google Scholar
  • 50:00 Using truncated search technique (in PsycInfo)

Video created by librarian M. Filkins in Spring 2020.