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EDU330: Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6: Home

Multicultural Inquiry Project (20 points) Signature Assessment- Library and Web Resources

Multicultural Inquiry Project (20 points) - Signature Assessment

"Multicultural Inquiry Project (20 points) Signature Assessment: Select one of the following groups: African American, Native American, Latino, Asian, Jewish, or Middle Eastern to complete a two to three-page literature inquiry project.* The paper must focus on a historical perspective of the literature of your chosen group, issues related to the literature (authenticity), an analysis of traditional and contemporary issues and suggestions for involving children with the literature. Please select books from three different eras. Pre-1860’s, the 1960’s and current day. This will provide a representation of how that group has changed in reality or the way they are perceived over time."


*Instructor's clarification: Students need to include Western views of the group they are researching. And, students can share works by authors who also identify as members from the groups  in which they are presenting. 

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