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Turnitin for Faculty


Turnitin's Similarity Report is NOT an assessment of whether a paper has or has not been plagiarized. Similarity Reports are simply a tool to help an instructor find sources that contain text similar to submitted papers. The decision to deem any work plagiarized must be made carefully, and only after in depth examination of both the submitted paper and suspect sources.

About Turnitin

  • While Turnitin is often called a "plagiarism detection tool," it is important to note that it just detects "matches" within the text, and those matches need to be considered within the context of the paper. Please see the tab Interpreting Similarity Reports for more information.  
  • We recommend that you notify students at the beginning of this semester in the course syllabus that this service is available to faculty and that their papers, reports, etc. are subject to being checked.
  • Turnitin is integrated with D2L; you can make any D2L dropbox a Turnitin-enabled dropbox.
  • The Library does NOT have the resources to scan printed student papers and convert them to machine-readable text via OCR. Instructors should request that students submit their work electronically.
  • When students submit their works to Turnitin, they retain their copyrights. Read more...
  • Metropolitan State has a subscription to Turnitin which allows any instructor to use Turnitin with their D2L course sites. 

Creating a D2L dropbox

  1. Open the course where you want to add the new Assignment.
  2. Click on New Submission Folder.
  3. Give the new folder a name and set the other properties. 
  4. Click on the tab labeled Turnitin. 
  5. Check the box next to Enable Turnitin for this folder.
  6.  Explore some of the options for your new folder
  7. Click Save and Close at the bottom, and you're done!