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Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

A collection of resources for taking and teaching the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, either in-person or virtually.


The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment is a valuable tool for students and job seekers alike to test their knowledge of the technology most commonly needed in our daily lives and work. 

Although users may take an assessment on the website from anywhere for free, they must take it at an approved testing location to receive the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate upon passing. This certificate can be a valuable credential for job seekers wishing to demonstrate their technological proficiency. Even entry-level jobs and K-12 schooling often require knowledge of foundational computer and software skills. 

This guide contains standards, best practices, tips, and other resources for those who wish to take the assessment, teach it, or proctor it. The modules and standards for the assessment include: 


Essential Computer Skills 

  • Basic Computer Skills 
  • Internet Basics 
  • Using Email 
  • Windows 
  • Mac OS 


Essential Software Skills

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Google Drive 
  • Google Docs 
  • Google Slides 
  • Google Sheets 


Using Technology in Daily Life

  • Social Media 
  • Information Literacy 
  • Supporting K-12 Distance Learning 
  • Career Search Skills 
  • Your Digital Footprint