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Evaluating Websites


As you evaluate a website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who wrote the material on the site? Can you tell? Are authors and/or editors listed?
    • Are the authors or editors considered an expert in the field? How do you know?
    • What are the authors’ and/or editors’ credentials?
    • Do they have academic degrees?
    • What else have they written?
    • Are they affiliated with any organizations?
  • Are sources cited in any way? Are there footnotes or a bibliography?
  • Can you verify the information on the site via outside sources?
  • Has the website received any awards or special recognition? 
  • Who publishes the site?
    • How long have they been publishing?
    • What else do they publish?
  • Is the site commerical or non-profit? How is the site funded?
  • What is the domain of the site?
    • Government = .gov
    • Non-Profit = .org
    • Commercial = .com
    • Educational institution = .edu