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Downloading Ebooks from Ebook Central: Home

This guides provides instructions on how to download ebooks from the EBL collection onto your ereader or mobile device.

Downloading Ebooks from Ebook Central

When in Ebook Central, you can click a title and view a book online as you always have been able to do.  But now you can also download the majority of EBC books to ereader devices. You will see a download button next to EBC books available for download.

In order to download, you need to click the link on the library website, then log into your Ebook Central using your StarID.  When you click to download a title, you will be asked if you want to download a section, like a chapter or page range or the whole book.  In either case, you will need to know enough about your ereader or tablet to transfer the book or section of a book – usually over a USB data cable.

Downloading a section or chapter as a PDF (easiest option, lasts forever, works on all devices, including the Kindle)

  • If you download a section, you get that section as an image PDF, and you can read it in any reader, such as Kindle, iPad, nook, on your desktop.
  • If you download a section, you can continue to download sections until it tells you that you've hit the page limit for that section. Then you can log out, log back in, and download more sections.

Downloading a whole book (involves more steps, lasts 14 days, doesn't work on Kindle)

  • If you download a whole book, you can only view them on certain ereaders, like the Nook, Sony Reader, etc., but NOT the Kindle.  You can do it on the iPad/iPhone/iPod too, but then you need a separate ereader program (see below).
  • If you download a whole book, it is protected by DRM and you need to download Adobe Digital Editions software [ADE] to read it or transfer it to a device.  You will be downloading an .ascm file which is not the ebook yet, but sort of like a "ticket" that manages downloading the book. ADE is free, but you will need to set up an ADE account. EBC provides a link to Adobe within the download dialog.
  • If you use an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, or Android device, you'll need one more piece of software to get the book on any one of those three devices: an ADE ebook reader app. One app to try out for idevices is called Bluefire. Download this from the Apple's App Store.
  • If you download a whole book, it will expire and vanish after two weeks, along with any annotations you took on that book using ADE. You can only download 10 EBC books at a time.
  • To review: You'll need a Adobe Digital Editions account, and the Adobe Digital Editions software installed on your computer, to download an EBC book. If you're using an Android or Apple iDevice, you'll also need additional software, like Bluefire.

Would you want to download an EBC book if you don't have an ereader or tablet?

  • Probably not, although it is possible that you might prefer to read a book using the Adobe Reader program rather than the EBC reader. If you have no ereader or tablet, you will most likely just want to view the ebook through your web browser, since it involves less steps.