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Mobile Health Apps & Sites: Consumer Health


  • CDC Mobile
    • Provides access to timely health information including journal articles, news, videos, podcasts, and more from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • Android, iOS, Windows 8
  • NLM Mobile
    • Type: Web site or Application
    • Device: Android, Apple iOS, or Blackberry
    • Tags: Descriptive tags

Consumer Health


  • ADA Symptom Checker
    • Dental information
    • Android, iOS, Web
  • First Aid
    • First aid information from the Red Cross
    • Android, iOS
  • Health Hotlines
    • Telephone directory from the National Library of Medicine
    • iOS‚Äč
  • MedlinePlus Mobile and MedlinePlus Mobile - espanol
    • Comprehensive health information for healthcare consumers. Includes medical encyclopedia and dictionary, drug and supplement information, health topics, tutorials, and much more. From the National Library of Medicine.
    • Web
  • MyFamily
    • Build a health plan for your family based on the priorities of the Affordable Care Act. Identify health priorities for each family member, put together a monthly calendar, and download your health records to share with your doctor.
    • iOS-Get in APP Store (free)
  • 52 Weeks for Women's Health
    • 52 health topics to promote women's health.
    • Android or iOS or View on Website

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